Adams County Board of Supervisors
 500 Ninth Street, Corning, IA   50841
(Phone:  641-322-3240) ( FAX:  641-322-4647) (E-Mail:

Leland Shipley, Chair Republican


Douglas Birt Republican


Merlin Dixon Democrat 01/02/2021
Scott Akin, Vice Chair Republican


Bobbi Baker-Maynes (TFV) Republican 01/02/2021

Adams County Assessors Office
 500 Ninth Street, Corning, IA   50841

County Assessor

Ben Mullen Phone: 641-322-4312
 Term expires 1/1/2022 FAX:  641-322-3071

 Deputy Assessor: Michelle Roberts

Property Record Cards/Sales Information
 GIS Mapping

Adams County Attorney's Office
 500 Ninth Street, Corning, IA   50841

County Attorney Andrew Knuth  
Term expires: 01/02/2023 Phone: (641) 322-4008 Email:
Assistant  Lisa Brown
Victim Witness Advocate  Shelly Preston 641-322-5047


Adams County Auditor's Office
 500 Ninth Street, Corning, IA   50841

County Auditor

Rebecca "Becky" Bissell Phone: 641-322-3340 Republican
Term expires 01/02/2021 FAX:  641-322-4647  
Deputy Auditor Jennifer Shires  
Election/Real Estate Clerk:  Nancy Turner  

Adams County Conservation
1688 Lake Icaria Road, Corning, IA 50841


Conservation Director - Travis Paul Phone:  641-322-4793  
Park Officer - Chad Williams FAX:  641-322-5431  
Park Maintenance - Mick Gray email:  
Office Assistant - Faith Grebner    

Adams County Emergency Management

903 Davis Avenue, Corning, IA 50841

Emergency Management Director
Bill Lyddon Phone:  641-322-3623

Adams County Engineer's Office
 2004 200th Street, Corning, IA   50841

 County Engineer

Travis Malone

 Phone: 641-322-3910

 FAX: 641-322-3945

  Email: engineer
Administrative Assistant: Karen Carl
Maintenance Supervisor: Karl McCarty
Secondary Roads: Donald Ashenfelter, Kevin Behlers, Kolby Bissell, Lee Cobb, Kyle Freshour,Gary Johnston, Ramon Haley, Karl Herring, Larry Maeder, Stephen Richey Jr., Darwin Shires, Donald Shires, Thomas Williams, Bruce Damewood

Adams County Recorder's Office
 500 Ninth Street, Corning, IA   50841


Jamie Stargell

Phone: 641-322-3744

Term expires 01/02/2019

FAX: 641-322-3744

Deputy Recorder:  Deborah Olive  

Veterans' Affairs Office

 500 Ninth Street, Corning, IA   50841

Hours 8 AM - 1 PM M-Th, Closed on Fridays

 Veterans' Affairs Director

Jim Reiley Phone:  641-322-4455

Veterans' Affairs Commission
(all appointed by the Board of Supervisors for 3-year terms)

Cliff Mann Chairman
Ben Mullen Secretary
David Mullen Member

Adams County Sheriff's Office
 Box 346, 500 Ninth Street, Corning, IA   50841


Alan Johannes Phone: 641-322-4444 Republican
Term expires 01/02/2021 FAX:  641-322-3868  
Chief Deputy Sheriff:  Richard Miller
Deputies: Michael Laughlin, Paul Hogan, Cory Dorsey, Matt Mullen, Dalton Green, Brad Campbell
Dispatchers: Becky Mann, Ronda Russell, Breana Thibodeaux, Kelli Bemis, Amy Detlaff


Adams County Treasurer's Office

 500 Ninth Street, Corning, IA   50841

Treasurer Nancy Barnes Democrat
Term expires 01/02/2019 Phone: 641-322-3210  
  FAX:  641-322-4647  
Deputy Treasurer: Lori Shires  
Clerks: Holly Schafer  
Drive Test Instructor: Kevin Provost  



Adams County Emergency Management

Adams County Emergency Managment Bill Lyydon
 Phone: 641-322-3623


Adams County Environmental Specialist
 500 Ninth Street, Corning, IA   50841

Adams County Environmental Specialist Carl Goodson 
 Phone: 641-322-3744       Fax: 641-322-3747  Recorder's Office


Adams County Weed Commissioner

 The Board of Supervisors shall annually appoint a person who is familiar with the various types of weeds and the recognized methods for their control and elimination.  The Commissioner serves for a term of one year, effective on March 1.

Weed Commissioner

Larry Maeder Phone:  641-322-3910
Term Expires 02/28/2021 Secondary Roads



Adams County Courthouse,  500 Ninth Street, Corning, IA    50841

Clerk of Court
Jackie Saville

Christina Sobotka

Phone: 641-322-4711
FAX:  641-322-4523
                                  Phone: 641-322-4711

Adams County Courthouse, 500 Ninth Street, Corning, IA   50841


Andrew Zimmerman Phone: 641-322-3751



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